Viva Las Vegas: Report from the Road

Gentle Readers, though the city of Las Vegas may never sleep, the Practical Cook must. It is just not practical to pass out from exhaustion in the middle of a meeting. It is late, and I’m going to go with a top 3 list.

Top 3 Lessons from Vegas Food Scene

1. Being Expensive Doesn’t Make It Taste Good. Much like airport food, I found many items, like this standard tuna salad sandwich, to be insanely overpriced. For $14, you’d pretty much better have some table-side made to order tuna-salad-sandwich show, or it best rock. Sadly, neither happened here.

Pricey Tuna Sandwich

Pricey Tuna Sandwich

2. Presentation Counts. Here are two of my breakfasts, both from Mandarin Oriental. Expensive, but they delivered in both taste and presentation. I make plenty of parfaits, and I heart oatmeal, but clearly I need to supersize my serving dishes and bring my A game.

Highly Verticalized Parfait

Highly Verticalized Parfait

Steel-Cut Oatmeal in a Bathtub-Sized Bowl

Steel-Cut Oatmeal in a Bathtub-Sized Bowl

3. Vegetarians Need Not Apply. On more than one occasion, I combed the menu for the vegetarian option, to find none. Seriously? Sometimes I don’t need or want to consume a whole cow.

Lamb with Quinoa and a Lamb-Stuffed Pepper

Lamb with Quinoa and a Lamb-Stuffed Pepper

Now it is time to break out the yoga map and atone for the week in Sin City. Have you dined in Vegas? What do you think of the food scene here? Leave a comment or Tweet.

**A couple of important amendments. First, this review is comprised strictly of food consumed within “the tourist triangle.” I was on food, on deadline, and on the company dime. Not a lot of flexibility. Second, definitely check the comments section if you want more helpful guides to eating in LV. **

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Tomorrow, a final Vegas posting, Recovery Cereal


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2 responses to “Viva Las Vegas: Report from the Road

  1. Joan Dalusung

    As a resident of Las Vegas for 14 years, I must defend my fair city. There are plenty of wonderful, affordable places to eat in Las Vegas – just don’t depend on the Strip to give them to you. At one of my very favorite places in town, I can get 5 chicken tacos for under $8.00 in a hole in the wall restaurant where Spanish news will be playing in the background. (Tacos El Compita #3) Another is a cash-only food truck that serves up amazing Chicago hot dogs. Price? Under $4.00. (Hot Dog Heaven) Finally, my favorite sandwich, an egg banh mi, can be found at Mr. Sandwich in Chinatown and costs about $6.00. Add a boba Thai iced tea? That takes it up to $8.00. I will also add that I was a vegetarian for 5 years of my residency here, and in that time I discovered the wonderful Asian, Indian, Ethiopian, and Middle Eastern restaurants we have. Don’t judge based soley on what you ate in the touristy casinos. Ask a local where to eat next time.

    • The Practical Cook

      Totally fair and good points. I will amend my post to reflect the fact that I was trapped in a tourist triangle, with no transportation and no time to get out.

      For everyone reading this, very much worth getting some recommendations and going with them. Personally, I’m relieved to hear the prices are that much better outside the tourist triangle, because otherwise it would be incredibly expensive to live there!!

      Lastly, though it was hot, I would still argue that it’s more humid in the South. 🙂

      Thanks for taking me to task. The Practical Cook does not mind a controversy, but will happily admit when she is wrong!

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