Kitchen Tool Talk: Three (More) of My Favorite Things, Dessert Glasses Edition

Tonight (I blog at night, so bear with me) is one of those gorgeous, slow Southern nights, full of humidity and mosquitoes. The Practical Cook does not enjoy being food for insects, but she does enjoy a reason to eat a cool dessert. And what makes a simple, cold dessert better? The proper presentation.

Three More of My Favorite Things: Dessert Glasses

Heavy, Tall, Fine Glasses

Heavy, Tall, Fine Glasses

Because I adore a numbered list, here are 5 reasons why you should seek out some dessert cups or glasses of your own.

1. Beauty. Dessert should be beautiful, and anything is more special in the right glass.

2. Versatility. There are so many things that taste better in these glasses, including parfaits, pudding, banana splits, ice cream (plain), ice cream sundaes, applesauce, and fruit cocktail.

3. Portion. When I eat ice cream from one of these dishes, I slow down and enjoy it just a bit more. I enjoy the premium stuff, possibly doctored with some add-ins (black walnut ice cream with sliced bananas, yes please).

4. Tradition. Pudding, a very special treat in my childhood, was served in the heavy glass shown on the left. Four portions, evenly divided, which I helped prepare, covered with plastic wrap. I’m a kid again when I use those glasses, connected to both my family and my Southern roots.

5. Variety. Each dessert glass promises a different experience. We use long iced tea spoons with the tall glasses, and usually reserve those for parfaits or layered desserts. Delicate dessert glasses are perfect for making a lunch end on just the right note. And the heavy glass ones can handle a big scoop of Rocky Road.

Do you have or use dessert glasses? Share your story in the comments below. I’ll be busy eating some chocolate pudding, but will respond after I am done.

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Up next, change of plans, Night Party Salad. 


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