The Practical Cook on Location at the Chocolate Tree (with video)

Gentle Readers, this post is nothing short than a love note to chocolate. It wouldn’t be practical to make it myself, for so many reasons, so I must go forth and sample the chocolate the world has to offer. The Practical Cook hopes you appreciate her sacrifice. Roll the tape.

While on location in Beaufort, SC, The Practical Cook always visits The Chocolate Tree. It’s amazing. These folks are creative and skilled, sitting happily at the crossroads of humor and chocolate.

Turtle-Shaped Chocolate Turtles

Turtle-Shaped Chocolate Turtles

Today’s post is a gratuitous bunch of chocolate shots:
5 Reasons to Visit The Chocolate Tree

1. Selection.

The Selection at the Chocolate Tree Is Vast

The Selection at the Chocolate Tree Is Vast

2. It smells like chocolate inside. (Hard to photograph that, so here’s half a turtle to compensate.)

Headless Turtle

Headless Turtle

3. Cute boxes.

Box of Chocolates

Box of Chocolates

4. Creativity.

Deviled Egg or Of the Devil?

Deviled Egg or Of the Devil?

5. It’s really, really delicious.

Dark, milk, white chocolate, I love it all.

Dark, milk, white chocolate, I love it all.

Watch the video to see the infamous white chocolate deviled egg consumed. It was good, but surprising. Do you have a favorite local chocolate shop? Post a comment or send a Tweet.

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In an effort to, ahem, get back on track healthwise, tomorrow will feature Garlicky Roma Beans with Tomatoes.



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4 responses to “The Practical Cook on Location at the Chocolate Tree (with video)

  1. Wow, watching this at work while I’ve got the 3pm snack on my mind, is just torture. This place looks amazing. I would love to visit someday 🙂

    • The Practical Cook

      Did I mention the smell, the free samples? 🙂

      It is a delicious torture, the hardest part being selecting some and not all of the chocolates!

  2. becca

    i know this is from like..a year ago…but just had to say that i grew up being taken to the Chocolate Tree just about yearly when i’d go to the beach with my grandparents, and i remember so fondly, my brother and i each being allowed to get one of those adorable boxes filled with whatever assortment we desired! the decision really was rather difficult, due to that huge assortment! I think its been 20 years since i’ve had any of that chocolate tree chocolate….means I’ve got to get back to Beaufort now 🙂

    • The Practical Cook

      What a great story! I hope the chocolate tastes as good as the memory when you get there. It’s a special place!

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