Weekly Menus: Week of 7/3/2011

Today’s weekly menus indicate a transitional period. The Practical Cook is still blogging remotely from a vacation spot, and the CSA ended last week. It’s possible that The Practical Cook’s parents will greet her return with loads of vegetables they “saved” for her (read: no other way to offload their zucchini).

Deviled Egg Illusion: Actually White Chocolate (with Paprika Sprinkles!)

Deviled Egg Illusion: Actually White Chocolate (with Paprika Sprinkles!)

So what follows are some guidelines and thoughts for next week’s menus. I should also note that I’ll be blogging about a chocolate shop I just visited in the coming weeks, which would also explain the high level of vegetarian or vegetable-rich meals listed below.

Chocolate Turtles from the Chocolate Tree

Chocolate Turtles from the Chocolate Tree

Weekly Menus: 7/3/2011

Sunday: Attending Pool Party with Burgers and Dogs
The trick here is to not eat what is not good. I’ve fallen prey to this party mentality before. I have nothing against burgers and dogs, in fact I love them, but only when they rock out. Otherwise, I’ll eat side items.

Monday: BBQ Chicken
An American Classic. Easy on the grill, super easy on the stove. Will blog my method at some point.

Tuesday: Whole Foods Family Meal
This is my Punt! upon returning from trips. It’s one of the least-expensive Whole Foods options, and is a main, two sides, and a salad that doesn’t cost a Whole Paycheck. Check it out.

Wednesday: Vegetable Melange
This is fancy for “I wonder what will be in my house when I get there.” Perhaps it will be an omelet or something on a tortilla, but I crave serious veggies after a trip. Somehow travel becomes a meat-fest.

Thursday: Dine Out!
Friends are in town, and there are some dietary restrictions. I’m thinking the local Indian joint is a winner. If not, I’ll Punt! and report about it.

Friday: Pasta Toss!
Clearly, I’m enthusiastic about getting back into the kitchen, what with the joyful punctuation. I need some parsley and tomatoes, and then anything else that sits still will go in. Possibly with some Golden Sherry, my new deglazing obsession.

Saturday: TBD
Usually we dine out, but I may sit this one out, since I have to travel again right away. Even I can only do so much field research, and another week away from the Practical Cook Test Kitchen may kill me.

But rest assured Gentle Readers, there will be many ears of corn and sliced tomatoes consumed in the coming weeks. And let’s not even talk about the cucumbers and onions. It is summertime, and the eating is easy. What are you eating this week? Post a comment here, or Tweet away.

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In honor of the Fourth of July, 3 Things I Want to Declare Independence From. Yes, more confessions are coming.


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