Can this cabbage be saved?

Gentle readers, perhaps you’re thinking, why does the Practical Cook keep teasing us with the “Can this supper be saved?” series? Supper is always saved. Wrong. Open the kitchen confessional (which I must assume is actually the pantry door, possibly the fridge for an extra-juicy confession),this one ends badly, and not just because it involves cabbage, haters.

Pointy-Headed Cabbage in the Spin Cycle

Pointy-Headed Cabbage in the Spin Cycle

For Sunday supper, a green vegetable is required. This is a rule, bordering on a sacred one. In fact, for all meals, a green vegetable is required. Just ask my brother, he can cite this chapter and verse. We like cabbage here at Team Practical Cook, and this was a pointy-headed cabbage from our CSA, an exceptional varietal.

Cabbage Before Things Went Terribly Wrong

Cabbage Before Things Went Terribly Wrong

The Practical Cook values simplicity, so she does a quick pan-braise: clean chopped cabbage, slightly sweet liquid, dash of Dijon mustard, cumin seeds (she doesn’t care for caraway, but feel free). Apple juice is nice here, but due to a shortage in the home, blackberry juice was subbed. Interesting, not bad.

Ajwain Seeds

Ajwain Seeds

The problem came at the seeds. In a rush, I grabbed Ajwain seeds instead of whole cumin, tossing them in before I realized. I added a few cumin seeds on top, but the damage was done. Survey says—stank cabbage. As wikipedia notes, even a few Ajwain seeds will permeate the dish. Yeah, I didn’t use a few. We ate it, but did not enjoy it. It made me think of cafeteria cabbage, and I do not mean that as a compliment.

Sunday Dinner with the Practical Cook

Sunday Dinner with the Practical Cook

Lesson: Look before you leap. Don’t panic if you fail. Life will bring you another cabbage. And line up your seasonings before you need them. There you have it, The Practical Cook could not save this cabbage.

The hotlines are open, share your cooking calamities here, or privately (where I’ll share then in aggregate later, in an expose).

Send your kitchen confessionals and requests for anonymity to practical cook at gmail dot com. Connect on Facebook: The Practical Cook Blog. (Thanks in advance for spreading the Practical Cook Blog word. Press “like” on Facebook today!)

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For the love of tomatoes, tomorrow will be a guide to serving Sliced Tomatoes. Yes, there are rules.



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4 responses to “Can this cabbage be saved?

  1. Cabbage is a secret love of mine. Was recently introduced to North Carolina slaw. Vinegar is the key that makes everything here just amazing.

    Quick question: Will you ever do a blog about making summer BBQ’s more interesting? I have a hot dog and hamburger issue for the 4th and also two vegetarian friends. HALP!

    • The Practical Cook

      There’s no need to hide one’s love for cabbage here, it’s an open secret.

      As for vinegar, here in the South, we pickle anything that sits still, including ourselves, but not so much with vinegar.

      And because you asked so nicely, of course I’ll answer your BBQ question. Can you give me a few more details around your hot dog/hamburger issue? Just that it’s predictable? Or not veg-friendly? Or not macabre? 🙂

  2. 🙂
    I am hosting a BBQ with a few friends from the graduate study programs at UNC and a few are vegetarian and I want them to be included in the grilling fun. Also want something fun and different besides boring ol’ burgers and dogs with ketchup and mustard.
    So yeah…don’t want it to be macabre but definitely veggie-happy with something that will make me look like I know what I’m doing. 😉

    • The Practical Cook

      The short answer is kebabs and a pineapple. I’ll provide a more complete answer for Saturday’s blog. Great question, thanks for asking it!

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