A Case for Sunday Night Dinner

In the South, there’s a tradition of eating a fairly large Sunday dinner, and for the Practical Cook, this was at high noon growing up. In the summer, the table was especially full, complete with sliced tomatoes and cucumbers and onions. I was down to my last cuke this Sunday, so opted for a jar of pickled beets, but the table was still pretty full.

Sunday Dinner with the Practical Cook

Sunday Dinner with the Practical Cook

This week, Gentle Readers, I’m cooking from my center, Southern Summer food. It’s familiar, it’s comforting, and it uses up a lot of what’s in the fridge. Life is busy, but Sunday dinner makes you slow down, if just to try one of everything on the table.

Sliced Tomatoes with Sea Salt and Mayo

Sliced Tomatoes with Sea Salt and Mayo

Sunday dinner is about catching up, relaxing, and serving more than the necessary amount of vegetables. There must be a main dish, a bread item (with honey and molasses available), sliced tomatoes, cukes and onions (pickled beets were a Punt!), a green vegetable, and something fried if at all possible. Potatoes are a nice addition, as is something in a casserole dish. Deviled eggs would not be out of place.

Princess Corn Muffins

Princess Corn Muffins

For dessert, if you can get there, pound cake, pie, or fruit-based desserts a la mode. I grew up in a farming family, and the habit of scrambling for calories at a big meal dies hard. When you work all day, you can eat like that. This is a sometimes meal for us now, but I encourage you to try your own version. Slow things down a bit, eat, talk, and enjoy leftovers the next day.

Sunday Dinner Time Means a Full Table

Sunday Dinner Time Means a Full Table

Do you cook a large meal during the week? For what occasion? Share your story in the comments.

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Tomorrow, Fried Squash with Soda Cracker Crumb Coating.


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3 responses to “A Case for Sunday Night Dinner

  1. Kelly

    TOTALLY thought of you as I made Stewed Tomatoes and Okra for Sean last night. It needed corn bread, though, despite the rice. :o)

    • The Practical Cook

      I hope the okra and tomatoes turned out well! And I just had a leftover corn muffin for breakfast. Is there anything cornbread can’t do?

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