Travel Round-Up, Reviews from the Road

Last week, as I traveled for work, I felt a bit like a competitive eater. First, a special thanks to everyone who talked to me about food, ate food with me, or directed me to amazing food. Being the Practical Cook has some advantages that way. Second, here’s the week in review. Third, I’ll be strapping on my running shoes just after this post is finished.

Top 5 Road Meals

1. The Taco Truck on 1st Street
This one is good enough that it got a video review. I really would just like to eat that burrito again, right now.

2. In-N-Out Burger
I didn’t love much besides the shake, but it inspired me to work on a burger and fries reviewing project, and it touched off a debate. Well worth the visit.

3. Dish Dash
Something in the Mediterranean family, that involved the best baba ghanoush I’ve had in long while, and that is saying something. The appetizers were the star of the show.

Dish Dash Appetizers: Baba Ghanoush, Falafel, Hummus

Dish Dash Appetizers: Baba Ghanoush, Falafel, Hummus

4. Return to De Afghanan Kabob House (in Fremont, CA)
There was more bolani eaten, this time with leeks and potatoes. And we added the equivalent of Afghan chopped steak to the mix. I found it irresistible.The lamb kabob is also a can’t miss. It’s the best I had all week.

Afghan Chopped Steak

Afghan Chopped Steak

Full Order of Bolani. Wow It's Big.

Full Order of Bolani. Wow It's Big.

5. Pho Kang
After the meat-a-thon that was my week, this was a blessed return to vegetables in the form of a Tofu Curry. The other dish I didn’t order, but will next time, is a Spring Roll and Veggie Vermicelli number.

Tofu Curry at Pho Kang

Tofu Curry at Pho Kang

Veggie Vermicelli at Pho Kang

Veggie Vermicelli at Pho Kang

There you have it, a week in meals. I omitted the chocolate bar I had for lunch one day and the innumerable lattes to power me through jet-lag. There was also a good bit of oatmeal at breakfast.

What do you eat when you travel? Are you into food adventures? Post a comment here or join the conversation on Twitter.

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When ingredients go bad, it’s time to Punt! Pressed Cuban Roll-Up Recipe coming tomorrow!


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