Kitchen Tool Talk: Three (More) of My Favorite Things, Wood Utensil Edition

Today’s post will be short and to the point. Having spent 6 of the last 24 hours on a plane, 4 of which were shared with a yipping dog (just ask me about that one; dog, not mine), the Practical Cook is exhausted. She looks forward to returning to the test kitchen and cooking.

Perhaps she’ll use one of these favorite wood utensils.

Wooden Pasta Lifter, Spatula, Tongs

Wood Pasta Lifter, Spatula, Tongs

1. Pasta Lifter: I’ve never found it’s match. This came in some set, and works so much better than the plastic or metal ones.

2. Spatula: Great for scrambled eggs, mixing greens and garlic, slurrying curries, etc. This is one of my most used tools in the kitchen.

3. Tongs: These are great. Again, no worries about metal on metal, and no pesky springs. Just tonight, the Practical Cooks Junior used them in their first foray with the toaster oven. It’s a worry-free tool for any age.

Where do you stand in the wood/metal/rubber debate? Are you loyal to one team, or do you feature a medley of these items? Post a comment below, or join me on Twitter.

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How could it possibly be time for Weekly Menus again?


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