Weekly Menus: 6/12/2011

Could someone please send summer a memo that it’s time to slow down? Between the Birthday Week demands from last week, and this week’s business trip, the planning machine is being taxed. But the Practical Cook refuses to flinch. Even if summer gets crazy, it’s a great time to serve simple food and get out of the way of the fun.

If you wonder if the exclamation points are affect or part of my personality, see below. Clearly, I’m a few steps past declarative.

So here’s this week’s menu, set up to be executed in my absence. Leftover birthday cake for breakfast is implied:

Weekly Menus: 6/12/2011

Weekly Menus: 6/12/2011

Four-Square Grocery List:

Four-Square Grocery List: 6/12/2011

Four-Square Grocery List: 6/12/2011

CSA from Brinkley Farms:

1 lb tomatillos
2 lbs Japanese eggplant
1 lb green beans
1 lb green tomatoes
1 pointed head cabbage

Which translates into:

Sunday: Fried Chicken Party Platter

Monday: Mexican Night!
Tacos or Flying Mayans (sweet potato and black bean) if there’s a defrost #fail

Tuesday: Baked Pasta
I’m making a baked pasta dish with ricotta, spinach, and possibly sausage, maybe baked ziti?

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Frozen Pizza and Salad
This doesn’t really need interpretation, does it? The classic punt meal.

Friday: Breakfast for Dinner
Even when I’m jet-lagged from the red-eye, I can still produce red-eye gravy and grits.

Saturday: Dine Out!
I feel the need for a food truck rodeo!

Thus begins a new week. With any luck, there will be more field research, more reports on hotel breakfasts, and successful remote meal planning. What’s your favorite make-ahead or leave-behind dish? Post a comment or Tweet!

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Up tomorrow, Mexican Corn with Peppers and Bacon!


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