Kitchen Tool Talk: Three (More) of My Favorite Things (Washing Edition)

This hot weather hasn’t slowed down the incoming veggies and fruits one bit. The Practical Cook is still waging a good fight with her overstuffed fridge, and there are some indispensable weapons in this war. So bring on the kitchen tool talk.

Three More of My Favorite Things

Colander, Salad Spinner, Metal Bowl

Colander, Salad Spinner, Metal Bowl

1. Colanders of All Sizes. Shown here is my small colander, the smallest in my trinity. Perfect for a quick wash of fruits and veggies, and shown here soaking broccoli. I use this colander every day, many times a day.

2. Salad Spinner. I love my OXO Salad Spinner. It’s reliable, large capacity, and easy enough for the Practical Cooks Junior to use, which they have been doing since age 2. Build enough time in to let your greens or lettuces soak in cold for a bit. It always makes cleanup faster. Spin your veggies dry, and store them in there in the fridge for quick use.

3. Medium Metal Bowl. Shown here as an impromptu basin for the colander, this is also my go-to for mixing burgers, salmon patties, etc. Toss it in the dishwasher, clean again. Simple, inexpensive, perfect.

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2 responses to “Kitchen Tool Talk: Three (More) of My Favorite Things (Washing Edition)

  1. Jenny

    I love colanders. I especially love the tiny, multicolored metal colanders I see in stores that are always very cheap and I am always sure are covered in lead paint, so I never buy them.
    I did buy a pale blue Nigella Lawson egg-shaped small colander some years back, but don’t use it very much.

    • The Practical Cook

      I am also drawn to and repelled by the tiny painted colanders for the same reasons! They are gorgeous, but I’ve used my utilitarian mesh ones for so long now, I’ve grown accustomed.

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