How to Make Butter, New Prairie Style (with video)

Gentle readers, what was I thinking? In what universe did I think it was a good idea to finish work late, put the kids to bed, and then make butter? The Practical Cook-i-verse, apparently. What would Laura do, that’s what we should ask ourselves. You see, this whole idea got started a couple of weeks ago, after attending a reading of The Wilder Life by Wendy McClure. It’s not every day you make butter as a group project in a bookstore. And win candy.The Wilder Life

You see, I love books, and I love food, and when the two are combined, I really love them. And not that The Wilder Life is just about food, it’s awesome and hilarious, and you should just check it out for yourself. True confessions, I never read the Little House on the Prairie books as a kid, I am new to the series. And no one is as fervent as the newly converted. The Practical Cooks Junior spend hours in their bonnets, playing outside in their cabin, arguing over who is who. I’ve cooked from the Little House cookbook. And I won candy for answering “roasted pig tail.”  Score.

So my twin passions led me to the idea of making butter on video. Which is hard both in that there are several steps, and you have butter hands with which you can’t touch a video camera. But enough of the TMI.

How to Make Butter, a Recipe and Video Instructions

1. Take some quantity of whipping or heavy cream, and beat it or shake it until solids form. This is wayyyy past whipped cream people. It needs to separate.

2. Squeeze out the buttermilk. Squeeze some more.

3. Wash the butter with ice cold water. This is what it sounds like. Dunk it and wash it like a saucer. More squeezing here.

4. Add some quantity of salt. I used a pint of whipping cream from a local dairy (thank you Mapleview Farms), and a generous 1/2 teaspoon of kosher salt. Mix it in.

5. Either pack the butter in crockery (aka a ramekin) and store at this point, or soldier on and flavor the butter.

Optional sub-recipe, Honey Rosemary Butter:

1/2 teaspoon finely chopped fresh rosemary
1/2 generous teaspoon honey

Mix with 1/2 of the butter you just made, assuming you also used a pint of cream. Now pack in crockery, cover, and refrigerate. j

Honey Rosemary Butter

Honey Rosemary Butter

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Tomorrow, Punting! with Salmon Cakes.


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