Kitchen Tool Talk: Three (More) of My Favorite Things

Today’s kitchen tool talk is both more and less than three things. I kept the three, because I like trinities, triads, and triangles. Trifectas and triumvirates, less sure about those. The central theme of today is jars. Jars of all sizes, used to contain various things. Because I make Strawberry Jam in bulk (and Apple Butter, in the winter), friends and family keep me supplied with jars of all sizes.

Fear not, you can obtain jars of all sizes, too, at your local discount store, thrift store, etc. The canning resurgence has caused price increases in some markets, but most of you can find some cheap jars out there.

Three Ways to Use Jars of All Sizes

Three (or More) of My Favorite Things: Jars

Three (or More) of My Favorite Things: Jars

1. Flours. These oversized jars have wide mouths that accommodate scooping, close easily, and are quickly identifiable.

2. Beans, Grains, Dried Goods. Quart jars are plentiful and make ideal repositories for the litany of lentils and beaucoup beans I hope you have on hand. Perfect for grits, bulgar (shown here), and couscous, too. Tip from Complicated Veggie: write the basic recipe you need for the item and tape it to the jar. Simple, effective.

3. Jams, Dressings, and Grease. The jams are an obvious choice for a small jar. But don’t forget salad dressing. The tight-fitting lid makes the perfect shaker and storage container for salad dressings. And bacon grease, my dear friend, you fit so nicely into the jar and my fridge.

Bacon Grease (or the Olive Oil of the South)

Bacon Grease (or the Olive Oil of the South)

What do you use for kitchen storage? Are you a fan of the humble jar? Leave a comment here, or join the conversation on Twitter!

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Tomorrow is the day the Practical Cook pays homage to jars a la Little House on the Prairie and Churns Butter (on video). Strap in, it should be entertaining.


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