Weekly Menus: Week of 5/22/2011

Forgive the delay of game, gentle readers, the Practical Cook is returning from a top-secret research trip. Okay, fine, she went one town over, but still. Additionally, she has discovered that making a grocery list after a run in what is turning out to be almost summer weather leads to a list of water-filled fruits and veggies. Plus ice cream.

Enough banter, here’s what you came for. On tap this week:

Weekly Menus: Week of 5/22/2011

Weekly Menus: Week of 5/22/2011

Four-square Grocery List: 5/22/2011

Four-square Grocery List: 5/22/2011

From the Brinkley Farms CSA:

1 pt sugar snaps
1 lb cucumbers
1 bag arugula
1 bundle swiss chard
1 lbs zucchini

And that means:

Sunday: Cold Fried Chicken, Potato Salad, and Peas
There will probably be some watermelon involved here as well. Inspired by Crook’s Corner’s picnic platter.

Monday: Stir-Fry
Still swimming in veggies, and this will be light and adaptable.

Tuesday: Salmon Cakes, orzo, greens
Must grow the small brains to their maximum at the end of school

Wednesday: Pizza
Time to make homemade pizza and put little hands to work.

Thursday: Steak and sweet potato fries, plus green something
Didn’t make this last week, so now I shall finally dust some oven-baked sweet potato fries with garam masala.

Friday: Leftover Surprise!
Chances are, I’ll be as surprised by what I put on the table as you are.

Saturday: Dine Out

Now I must dash and serve as the support staff for one very bouncy ballerina. It’s showtime people, and those bobby pins won’t pin themselves!

I’m looking forward to a week of dining al fresco, eating ice cream on the back deck, punting with vegetables, and bumming rides in convertibles. What does this season mean to you? Post a comment, send a note, join me on Twitter!

What are you eating this week? Send your menus to practical cook at gmail dot com. Or post a comment here, or connect on Facebook: The Practical Cook Blog. (Like, like, like! Press “like” on Facebook today!)

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Coming up tomorrow, One Ingredient, Three Ways: Rosemary Edition.


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2 responses to “Weekly Menus: Week of 5/22/2011

  1. Tony

    I almost thought the 2nd pic was a Gartner Magic Quadrant – probably explains why I’m so clueless in the kitchen

    • The Practical Cook

      It is a magic quadrant, a magic grocery list quadrant! 🙂 Think of cooking and shopping as “kitchen engineering.”

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