Adventures in Eating: Korean BBQ Truck (Video Review)

The Practical Cook thoroughly enjoys field research. If that can take place in or near an actual field, better still. The trip to the KokyuBBQ truck was more parking lot research, but let’s just roll with the analogy. One reader likened the hunt for mobile food to spotting Sasquatch, and it does feel like that. The chase, enabled by Twitter, is half the fun.

Quarry Spotted: KokyuBBQ Truck

Quarry Spotted: KokyuBBQ Truck

The other half of the fun, especially if you catch KokyuBBQ, is the eating. Again, forgive the complete mangling of the name—even if bribed with Duck Fat Tots, I’m not sure I could get it right on camera. Roll the tape:

In short, the food rocked. The sweet potato fries were perfect, and the garam masala on top was a brilliant counterpoint, and you’ll find it’s influence in the Weekly Menus, Friday Menu. They were so good, I would rank them against brownies in my personal food pantheon, and that is seriously saying something.

Sweet Potato Fries Sprinkled with Garam Masala, Side of Spicy Mayo

Sweet Potato Fries Sprinkled with Garam Masala, Side of Spicy Mayo

The pork belly taco and the rib slider were superb, with the slider edging it out slightly for me based on pure shock and awe: pickles, mango, and magic sauce? Yes, please. The freshness of the ingredients, the reasonable portioning, and the balance of sweet, heat, and crunch  just work. This is simply well-executed food, mobility is but a bonus.

Taco and Slider: I Just Want to Eat Them All Over Again

Taco and Slider: I Just Want to Eat Them All Over Again

If you’re anywhere in the vicinity of NC, this truck is worth finding. There are veg options, and changing specials. Looking for Korean Taco Trucks in your area? Try, they’ve got a category for food trucks and mobile dining. It’s the season for eating outside, and why not inject a little adventure into your lunch?

Have you found your local food trucks? What do you think?

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Coming tomorrow, Spring Carrots Recipe!

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