Weekly Menus: Week of 5/15/2011

Another week, another series of opportunities to address the extreme bounty that is the Practical Cook fridge. Strategies this week include freezing a bulk-made dish (palak paneer), inviting people over for dinner, and meals geared toward high-veggie consumption.

Last week included some excellent field research at a local Korean BBQ Truck (video review coming tomorrow) and Chinese restaurant.

Here’s the result:

Weekly Menus: Week of 5/15/2011

Weekly Menus: Week of 5/15/2011

Four-Square Grocery List: 5/15/2011

Four-Square Grocery List: 5/15/2011

From the CSA (Brinkley Farms):

1 pt sugar snap peas
1 bag cilantro
1 bag parsley
1 bundle green garlic
1 pt shelled English peas

Which translates into:

Sunday: Fish and Veggie (carrots)
Fish is a great base protein because it lends itself to going with a variety of veggies.

Monday: Soup and Sammie
I’m pondering making some sort of sandwich spread using the food processor. Details pending from the test kitchen. Will also be making Blueberry Muffins at night for Snack obligation on Tuesday.

Tuesday: Mexican!
Spinach quesadillas or some sort of riff on sopa seca.

Wednesday: Sausage and green veggie
Slight break in the veg on veg action mid-week. Team Practical Cook will eat anything if it involves sausage.

Thursday: Asian Theme, spring/summer rolls, stir-fry
Inspired by the use of Napa cabbage at the local Chinese restaurant, we’ll be rolling some wraps. All I can guarantee is that peanut sauce will be involved.

Friday: Steak, greens and sweet potato fries
The steak is just a cover for the fact that I want to sprinkle garam masala on sweet potato fries, thanks to the KokyuBBQ truck.

Saturday: Dine Out!

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Coming up, more Adventures in Eating: Korean BBQ Truck with a review of KokyuBBQ.

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