How to Open a Jar (Video Edition)

The people have spoken! Based on popular demand, the gentle readers are not so gentle on jars. Obviously, this is a universal problem, the unopenable jar lid, regardless of your hand persuasion. So the Practical Cook went into the test kitchen to determine the efficacy of each opening method.

The results are not scientific, but they are conclusive. The jar of honey used (as the experiment control) was successfully opened by the OXO jar opener, the butter knife, and the rubber gloves. The Practical Cook was unable to keep from laughing when using the rubber gloves, but it did not skew the results.

Watch and see:

Thanks to everyone for the comments and suggestions. Keep the good ideas coming!

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2 responses to “How to Open a Jar (Video Edition)

  1. While I have used the knife method in the past, it was brought to my attention when trying this method one time that is not the safest way to open a jar. Heavy knife + possible weak glass can sometimes = big mess. An alternative to the knife might be “hand slamming” from the top of the lid. See me for demonstration (if you’re lucky I may get out my Flip!)

    • The Practical Cook

      I’m so glad you brought this up–good point about being VERY careful using the knife method. I had never seen nor heard of the hand slam method before watching a clip on Opening Jars by Rachel Ray (there were also rubber gloves involved, who knew?).

      I would love to see a demo, and I’ll bring my Flip! For those who haven’t seen or heard about this, it’s essentially a quick slam on the counter to break the seal. (At least I’m assuming that’s the hand slam here, and not a magical kung fu move.)

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