One Ingredient, Three Ways: Green Garlic Edition

Spring means Green Garlic time for the Practical Cook, and there are so many excellent options. What is green garlic, you say? Why is it better/different than standard, government issue garlic? Read on and find out.

Green Garlic

Green Garlic

To confirm my own thoughts about green garlic, I did a little research. I’m sure those of you who know me find this shocking. Here’s a fabulous article called Garlic Defanged (which amuses me on multiple levels). Great read, and tempting to say, “yeah, what he said,” minus the part about not liking garlic.

Green Garlic, Sliced

Green Garlic, Sliced

Green garlic is the less pungent relative of garlic, and thus I find it useful for the light, clean tastes I crave in spring. If you like but don’t love garlic, try it. If you love garlic, you really have to expand your repertoire and try it. It’s this week’s reason to go to the Farmer’s Market!

Here are 3 more ideas for green garlic:

1. Potatoes. Cheating here, because you’ve seen them already. In this very blog, I’ve used them in mashed potatoes, potato salad, and yesterday’s potato tart.

Springtime Potato Salad

Springtime Potato Salad

2. Pasta. Toss with lemon and ricotta, some pea shoots, and you’re talking spring in a bowl. For the basic guidelines, try the Pasta Toss  with Lemony Ricotta recipe.

Linguine with Lemony Ricotta and Asparagus

Linguine with Lemony Ricotta and Asparagus

3. Dressing. Mix with olive oil and lemon juice, or stir into mayo (commercial or your own). Use as a dip for steamed veggies, on a salad, with pan-seared tuna or salmon. Are you low on lettuce? Visit the Farmer’s Market, or ask your gardening friends. Special thanks to Garden Boss for supplying the red leaf lettuce to Team Practical Cook this week!

The Great Tuna Salad Experiment

The Great Tuna Salad Experiment

Are you a green garlic fan? Send me your thoughts, pictures, recipes or signed commitment to try green garlic in the next two weeks.

Email your questions to practical cook at gmail dot com. Or post a comment here, or connect on Facebook (The Practical Cook Blog: Thanks to all who have liked, I still need a few more “likes” to get the official page name. Please “like” on Facebook today!)

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Tomorrow it’s Kitchen Tool Talk: Three (More) of My Favorite Things.


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