3 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Gentle readers, for those of you who haven’t pre-ordered jewelry, flowers, or made brunch reservations somewhere, guess what, it’s Mother’s Day tomorrow. The Practical Cook is now at the delicate age where she both is and has a mother. Being a mother has driven me to call my mother and apologize. A lot.

So this list is about both giving and receiving. My kids are a gift, and become ever more amazing independent people every day. They are also loud people. With that in mind, 3 ways to celebrate Mother’s Day:

1. Let her sleep. Though everyone loves brunch or breakfast in bed, a working mama (and that’s every mama) is a tired mama. Sometimes the greatest gift of all is just sleeping in. Pour some cereal for the kids and relax. Need help with cereal? Relax, thanks to the request of one loyal viewer, we’ve got you covered.

2. Make in advance. Perfect for those who need to give and receive, and still want to sleep. From esteemed fellow blogger, Momsicle, a selection of make-ahead recipes, including a frittata from my friend My Convertible Life. Great idea! I would also include the Rustic Tart in this category. Swap in some breakfast sausage and serve with fruit, and you’ve got brunch.

Vosges Chocolate Bars

Vosges Chocolate Bars

3. Chocolate, wine, coffee, noshables. If you’re going last minute, or you want to add a little something to the mix, go for the classics. Moms spend a lot of time doing for others, and the creature comforts of and from the kitchen are sometimes lost. I’m very fond of the Vosges chocolate bars for any of my offspring who might be reading this.

The Practical Cook will be celebrating by giving The Practical Cook’s Mom some quality time with the grandchildren. Some call it babysitting, but I prefer to think of it as bonding time. You’re welcome Mom! (And thank you for being the inspiration behind all that I do in the kitchen. And sorry for, well, all of the years ending in -teen.)

Would love to hear from everyone out there. How do you like to celebrate Mother’s Day?

Share your mom-centric ideas and stories (and top-secret recipes). Send me a line at practical cook at gmail dot com. Or post a comment here, or connect on Facebook (The Practical Cook Blog: Thanks to all who have liked, I need 25 “likes” to get the official page name. Please “like” on Facebook today!)

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Tune in tomorrow for Weekly Menus. Because even though it’s my special special day, the groceries won’t buy themselves.



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3 responses to “3 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

  1. happy mother’s day!
    i celebrate my mom (who passed ten years ago this week), every time i prepare food in the kitchen.
    growing up, i was too me-centric to realize it, but the time my mother spent on making meals, and the care she took, were not just about putting good food in front of us. it was only when i had children of my own that i realized that cooking well for us was one of the deepest and most enduring ways my mother could express her love.
    that’s why, when i tell my kids what ingredients there were in a dish they particularly liked, i give them the rundown. and at the end (by now they know it’s coming) i say, “and a whole lot of looove.”
    it’s the one ingredient that everyone appreciates, and will never go bad.
    here’s to moms!
    (and good luck with that vosges chocolate thing..)

    • The Practical Cook

      Thank you Tony for sharing your story–wonderful. And thank you for the luck on the chocolate, my fingers are crossed!

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