One Celebration, Three Ways: Cinco de Mayo Edition

Gentle readers, it does not take much to create a celebration here at the Practical Cook household. And any excuse to eat Mexican food will do. So bring on Cinco de Mayo, with your cerveza (having a Justin Wilson moment) and your chips and guacamole. Here are three practical ways to celebrate.

Flying Mayan

Flying Mayan

1. Flying Mayans. Discussed in the blog before, this is an homage to a burrito joint in Chapel Hill, NC, the Flying Burrito. Make a black bean and mashed sweet potato burrito, add a little rice and cheese, some salsa, and guacamole, with black olives and lettuce optional. Theirs are as large as my head, you may size yours according to preference. Es muy delicioso.

2. Good Ol’ Tacos. Let’s be honest, sometime it’s nice to eat the most American of Mexican foods, the crunchy taco. The good people of Ortega introduced me to tacos from a box many years ago, and I have a nostalgic taste for the “salsa” packet they include in the kit. For the vegetarian readers, try making with either lentils or the faux burger crumbles in the freezer case.

3. Spinach Quesadillas. This is a Punt! staple here in the Practical Cook kitchen. With green garlic (CSA) and spinach (family farm picked by the senior Practical Cook Jr.) in season, what could be better? Whole wheat tortillas, use a flavorful cheese, fire it up in your favorite heavy skillet. Serve with a side of beans (refried or ranchero style), and you’ve got a party on a plate.

Green Garlic

Green Garlic

Fresh Fluffy Spinach

Fresh Fluffy Spinach

Green Garlic + Spinach (Less Fluffy Now)

Green Garlic + Spinach (Less Fluffy Now)

Spinach Quesadilla and Ranchero Beans

Spinach Quesadilla and Ranchero Beans

Complete the celebration by speaking Spanish (do your best) and dancing to salsa music at the conclusion of your meal. Food is a celebration looking for a theme. And hey, if all else fails, patronize your local taco truck!

Do you celebrate Cinco de Mayo?  Send an email to practical cook at gmail dot com. Or post a comment here, or connect on Facebook (The Practical Cook Blog).

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Up next, the first annual (fine, first ever) book review: Man with a Pan.



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2 responses to “One Celebration, Three Ways: Cinco de Mayo Edition

  1. I have to choose. I wonder if I could fit in all three. Great roundup!

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