Weekly Menus: Week of 5/1/2011

Another week, another set of menus. Now that spring is in full swing, there’s more produce options to incorporate, a wonderful culinary problem to have. This week the Practical Cook will be making Freezer Strawberry Jam. Oh, the smell. I digress, on to the meal plan.

Weekly Menus:

Weekly Menus: 5/1/11

Weekly Menus: 5/1/11

Four-Square Grocery List: 5/1/11

Four-Square Grocery List: 5/1/11

From the CSA:

1 napa cabbage
1 bundle tuscano kale
1 bag lettuce mix
1 bundle green garlic
2 bundles mustard greens

Which means we’ll be eating:

Sunday: Leftover Surprise!
Building in a Punt! here. Will either repackage items in the fridge or serve something simple with eggs. We’ve got a party in the afternoon and 2 gallons of strawberries to jam up in the evening, so simple is best here.

Monday: BLTs
The first greenhouse tomatoes are appearing, and with the abundance of lettuce, it’s time for BLTs.

Tuesday: Taco Night!
By popular request from the junior staff members. There is no wrong way to eat a taco, as long as it doesn’t land on the floor.

Wednesday: Rustic Tart
Unsure about the filling right now. Probably potato (sweet or plain) and chard.

Thursday: Beans and Rice
Again, I’m leaving the specifics to whim. Just depends on my mood and the time allotted.

Friday: Sausage/Pierogie/Green
The stand-by meal! And there are soooo many greens in the house.

Saturday: Dine out!

That’s the plan for the week, let’s see if it sticks. Perhaps I’ll start keeping a score card of on vs off-plan nights.

Up tomorrow, A Hush Puppy by Any Name: Southern Food in Translation. You really don’t want to miss this one.

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