Greek Yogurt: What It Is and Why You Should Care

With the flood of “it” foods these days, it is hard to know which ones to actually focus on. What is it about Greek Yogurt? This question comes to us from reader Publish or Perish. As she is currently on deadline, I’m here to provide an executive overview.

Trader Joe's Greek Yogurt

Trader Joe's Greek Yogurt

Found this fine image on a blog post singing the praises of Trader Joe’s Greek Yogurt. I agree with the blogger, this stuff is magical, but quite different from standard yogurt. Nutritionally, you’re getting a lot more protein, the texture is closer to sour cream, and I find it a bit less sour than standard yogurt. It’s very rich, and if I’m eating it straight, I use it more as a topping for a healthy dose of fruit, nuts, and granola.

Greek Yogurt does substitute well for sour cream, and if you mix it with a bit of honey or maple syrup, is a great alternative to whipped cream for fruit desserts. The Practical Cooks Junior eat it like ice cream. Also useful as a fat substitute in baked goods.

The Practical Cook recommends trying Greek Yogurt, but read the label! Not all of them are created equal. Sugar bombs are still sugar bombs, even if it’s trendy. Go for the plain, not flavored, and doctor it yourself. For me personally, it’s not a replacement for standard yogurt—I stock both kinds in the fridge.

Have you tried Greek Yogurt? What do you think? Post your comments here or email practical cook at gmail dot com

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2 responses to “Greek Yogurt: What It Is and Why You Should Care

  1. Kelsey

    I tried it one time. It had honey in it and I was prepared for nothing but loveliness. Unfortunately, it made me nauseous the remainder of the day and just thinking about that taste today makes me queasy. Maybe it was the honey additive, who knows? I will try it again one day, but really the best way will be for someone to use it in something and surprise me with it.

    • The Practical Cook

      I appreciate your willingness to give it another shot, albeit covertly next time! The texture is a bit of barrier for me–I wouldn’t want to sit around eating sour cream off the spoon either, but blended with things, absolutely.

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