Weekly Menus: Week of 4/24/2011

Time is flying by quickly—the Practical Cook must confess that she almost got caught without chocolate bunnies. It took three stores  to deliver this necessary basket filler. Apparently Easter is a shop early occasion. Just know that it took restraint to not make Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs the dinner item for Sunday night.

If you’re not hitting the farmer’s market, this is a great time to start. Lots of variety and don’t forget the baked goods. The lemon curd stash is getting low, about time to make a trip.

Here’s what’s on the menu this week:

Weekly Menus: 4/24/11

Weekly Menus: 4/24/11

Four-Square Grocery List: 4/24/11

Four-Square Grocery List: 4/24/11

On order from the CSA:

1 dozen eggs: $4.00
1 bag pork bones $4.00 (hello pork noodle soup)
1 bundle tuscano kale $2.50
1 bundle green garlic $2.00
1 bundle spring onions $2.00

And this means:

Sunday: Leftovers!
Will claim a small piece of the ham for use in sandwiches or for split pea soup.

Monday: Salmon Cakes, Potatoes, Greens
Growing small brains is hard work, have to push the salmon (and walnuts).

Tuesday: Frittata and Salad
Eggs and asparagus will be involved, salad on the side, possibly with some toast crisps.

Wednesday: Lasagna or Frozen Pizza (punt!)
Business dinner this night, so I’ve got to make ahead. If I fail, it’s punt time.

Thursday: Sausage, Greens, Pierogie
The Red Russian Kale is very, very abundant at the family farm.

Friday: Indian Food
To be determined, based on what’s left in the house.

Saturday: Dine Out!

Coming up to start the week Saving the Papaya Smo0thie.

Are you meal planning more? Making a grocery list? Write in and let me know you’re out there: practical cook at gmail dot com

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