Kitchen Tool Talk: 3 (More) of My Favorite Things

Gentle readers, the Practical Cook hopes you never do the math to see how many kitchen things she owns and adores. Let it suffice to say that 3 new things could appear for weeks on end. This week, the focus will be thematic around spring or Easter food.

Without further adieu, 3 more favorite kitchen tools:

Deviled Egg Plates

Deviled Egg Plates

1. Deviled egg plate. If you’re Southern, you own one, probably inherited. If you’re the Practical Cook, you own two, one inherited and one on semi-permanent loan (let me know if you need that back Illegally Cooking).

Sheet Cake Pan with Metal Lid

Sheet Cake Pan with Metal Lid

2. 13-by-9 cake pan with a metal lid. Perfect for creating those Easter or spring cakes that inevitably involve fruit, coconut, Cool Whip, or a combination thereof. If you can decorate it with jellybeans that leave a mild discoloration on the coconut, bonus. Accept no imitations, plastic lids will break. Buy the metal one and you’ll have it forever. The Practical Cook’s Mom and TPC have matching ones, and they’ve traded back and forth innumerable times over the years. Someone delivers something in one and leaves with the other. But you’re never without one.

Collapsible Steamer Basket

Collapsible Steamer Basket

3. Collapsible steamer basket. Over the years, I’ve used many contraptions to accomplish the same thing, but this is the one that’s stuck. It does the job, it was cheap, and it folds up neatly. Perfect for steaming asparagus, new potatoes, or sweet potatoes (for sweet potato salad).

That wraps up another week. Happy Easter for everyone who is celebrating it, the Practical Cook would love to hear what you’re eating this weekend. Vegetarians who celebrate—this is a meat-centric holiday (usually lamb or ham), what is on your menus? Comment here or drop a line to practical cook at gmail dot com

Up tomorrow, Weekly Menus!

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2 responses to “Kitchen Tool Talk: 3 (More) of My Favorite Things

  1. Kelly

    Okay, my parents got me and my sister pans with lids from a place called “That’s my Pan” (available online) that has lids and pans inscribed with your name and your choice of design. Invaluable for potlucks, sending things to school, etc. I highly recommend it!

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