Adventures in Eating: Afghan Cuisine

Gentle readers, the Practical Cook is breaking from the typical format today to try video blogging. This initial attempt is a little “Blair Witch” in the shakiness of the video, so you may with to avoid actual eating while watching it. Today’s theme, food adventure. I see every meal as an opportunity to eat something you love. Perhaps it’s because it’s healthy and you feel energized, or it’s warm and you seek comfort.

No matter the reason, life is too short to blast past the adventures, and food can be a great one. My guest in the video is my fantastic sister-in-law, an adventurous eater and talented cook. Some research indicated Fremont, CA, as the home to the highest density of Afghan people in the U.S. What better place to try the cuisine?

Further Yelp research led us to De Afghanan Cuisine. Great ambience, wonderful service, and free ice cream at the end. The only problem—it was sprinkled with chopped pistachios and rosewater. The nuts are a no for my SIL, and I’m officially adding rose-flavored-anything to my list of least favorite things. Enough typing, roll the tape.

For those interested, here’s the menu. Not quite the same as the one we ordered from, but very close. Point of all of this: when you have the chance, try something new. It will only make you a more diverse and more Practical Cook.

Follow us outside the restaurant in our outtakes reel:

What do you do for a food adventure? Share your story: practical cook at gmail dot com.

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3 responses to “Adventures in Eating: Afghan Cuisine

  1. Tony

    Great video clips – you should keep these coming!

    • The Practical Cook

      Thank you! I’ll try to be less Blair Witch with the filming next time. There’s a Grilled Cheese Food Truck I’m dying to try in town . . .

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