Food Trucks: Super or Supertrendy?

Since the Practical Cook is not in her kitchen currently, the only cooking she has been doing involves repurposing the free “hot breakfast” offerings at the hotel. Other meals are dedicated to field research, which may lead to a food coma. Travel should be an adventure, food included. Lunch this week included a race to a local Korean Taco Truck, MoGoBBQ.

Have you succumbed to the food truck craze? The Practical Cook says eat food where you find it. When I lived in NYC, one of my favorite lunches came from the “chicken cart lady.” It was grilled chicken, on a pita, choice of barbecue, tzatziki, or hot sauce, or a combo therein, lettuce, and onions, for $3. How could I resist?

Korean Pork Tacos

Korean Pork Tacos

Ice cream trucks are completely accepted, so why not pizza, grilled cheese, pie, and duck fat tater tots? Perhaps this is a trend and will fade, but I appreciate the challenge of the small kitchen space, the thrill of the chase, and eating outside. These entrepreneurs can get started for a lot less than a new restaurant, so there’s room for innovation.

Here’s the Rib Slider I got, basically a play on a torta. Fluffy bread, crunch lettuce, nicely grilled meat, and sauce that was made of magic. It was a 3 napkin event, and a challenge not to wear it. (This food truck had a tofu version as well, so all is not lost for the veggie bunch.)

Rib Slider from MoGoBBQ Truck

Rib Slider from MoGoBBQ Truck

If you enjoy grilling out, picnics, etc., give food trucks a chance. To find them in your area, check out Yelp (they’ve got a category for them) or find your local foodies and follow them on Twitter. The food is cheap, it’s an adventure, and it’s about 1 million times better than a drive-thru. (**Numbers not based on any actual data.) Special thanks to <foodie> for the keeping me out of the cafeteria.

Up next, the Practical Cook’s first video blog, shot on location in sunny California. Adventures in Eating: De Afghanan  Cuisine.

What do you think of food trucks? Drop a line to practical cook at gmail dot com.

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