Weekly Menus: Week of 4/10/11

What was going to be a week full of punts was transformed by the Practical Cook’s Mom. Since the Practical Cook will be on a business trip, PCM is swooping in with her culinary powers. (Perhaps I should leave my blog login/password around and see what happens?) Even more terrifying—some of the dishes I planned to make in advance and leave, she was planning to bring and make.

For fun, I’m including my CSA order for the week as well.

Here’s what Team Practical Cook will be eating this week:

Weekly Menus 4/10/11

Weekly Menus 4/10/11

Four-Square Shopping List: 4/10/11

Four-Square Shopping List: 4/10/11

CSA Order from Brinkley Farms:

1 dozen eggs
1 green oakleaf lettuce
1 bundle tuscano kale
1 boc choi
1 bundle green garlic
1 bundle spring onions

This translates into:

Sunday: pot roast
Perfect meal for the slow cooker. Nothing to think about, easy to serve. Will include carrots and potatoes.

Monday: chicken pie, creamed corn, kale
PCM is cooking this one.

Tuesday: tortellini and salad
If team Practical Cook is reading this, remember to add 1/2 cup of mushroom stock to 1/2 jar of pasta sauce for a flavor boost.

Wednesday: soup and sammie or taco bake
Good to make ahead or to make quickly, whicheveris necessary!

Thursday: frozen pizza and peas

Friday: black bean burritos
With sweet potatoes and avocado

Saturday: Dine Out/Recover
Obviously, I predict being so tired that I failed to even write the day down on the list.

There are a lot of eggs in the house, so breakfast and lunch have options, too. The M and C on the list stands for meat and cheese, so sandwiches are an option at any time as well. As for me, look for some posts from the road, including thoughts on eating while traveling.

Coming up tomorrow, another easy from scratch All-Purpose Healthier Pancake Recipe.

What are you craving/cooking this spring? Email the Practical Cook at practical cook at gmail dot com.

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