For the Love of Lemon Curd

If You Give a Pig a Pancake

If You Give a Pig a Pancake

Gentle readers, I am currently behind in so many time zones I’ve lost count—there just aren’t enough hours in the day right now. So what is the Practical Cook to do? Punt! Today we shall punt for fun, instead of pure sustenance. This past weekend, at the local Farmer’s Market, I bought a jar of lemon curd. And when life gives you lemon curd . . .

You’ll need something upon which to serve it. We’re deep into the If You Give a Pig a Pancake oeuvre at our house right now, so forgive the line of reasoning. (By the way, if you are feeding pigs pancakes, they really will want some syrup.)

But what if you’re out of syrup?

Punt! with Pancakes

We’ve discussed pancakes here before, and the Practical Cook uses them for many different occasions. (Look for a recipe coming next week!) They are wonderful for dinner, fabulous for breakfast, useful in savory form as a quick bread, and perfect for an impromptu dessert. Featured below, blueberry buckwheat pancakes (from a doctored mix) with sliced strawberries and lemon curd.

Lemon Curd on Pancakes

Lemon Curd on Pancakes

Eating this just made me (and the gaggle of children I was minding) happy.

Then, one gentle reader suggested pairing with Gingerbread, of course! But I have no time, so what to do?

Punt! with Gingerbread (or Gingersnaps)

Lemon sauce and ginger are such fabulous counterparts, I couldn’t go through a whole jar of lemon curd without matching them up. Luckily for me, I live close to a Whole Foods, and one of their rare good deals is a hunk of gingerbread. Look near the cookies or bread. They sell both cornbread and gingerbread this way.

Lemon Curd on Gingerbread

Lemon Curd on Gingerbread

Of course it’s cheaper to make gingerbread yourself, but that is NOT happening this week. I am the Practical Cook, not the perfect one.

If you’re not close to a Whole Foods, consider buying some gingersnaps. Trader Joe’s are to die for. I had already tucked some into my cart when someone walked by with a sample. I graciously accepted. Frost with some lemon curd, and you’ve got an elegant snack. Make a gingersnap sandwich out of it, and you may say Oreo who?

3 Reasons to Buy Lemon Curd

1. Utter Lack of Guilt. I truly love lemon curd, have a fantastic recipe, and have never, and may never, make it myself. Why? It takes a lot of egg yolks, which creates an inventory problem for me. I love it enough that I don’t need tons of it laying about. And did you see the part about having no time?

If you have a great passion for it, I encourage you to make it. If you email me a request, I’ll try to dig up the recipe and share it with you. However, if you have access to handcrafted lemon curd, just buy a jar of it. (The jar was displayed next to the family chicken who assisted in the production.)

2. It Tastes Good. Life is not all about cholesterol reduction (see For the Love of  Grapefruit for an explanation if you’re not a regular reader). Lemon curd is one of those simple condiments that elevates the food it touches. You don’t need to eat a lot to truly enjoy it.

3. It’s a Flexible Ingredient. It is now on my list of Punt! Staples. The power of an interesting breakfast, snack, and dessert cannot be overestimated. Bringing people to the table for the joy of food: priceless.

Coming up tomorrow, Mushroom Stock Recipe! Wow. That’s all I have to say about it, having used some in tonight’s punting dinner.

Do you have a favorite item that you love to eat but not to make? Share it with us at practical cook at gmail dot com

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