Can these brownies be saved?

Gentle readers, today’s installment touches a very important subject, brownies. Chocolate in all forms is great, but the Practical Cook holds a special place in her heart for brownies. (Barring the time she was 7, ate half a pan of them while they were still hot, and rued the day.) So when a mission came in from Publish or Famish on the Practical Cook hotline involving brownies, she sprang into action.

Okay, to be fair, she texted while shopping. Here’s the transcript, edited for clarity:

Publish or Famish: Parchment paper under brownies in pan y or n?
The Practical Cook: No.  (editor’s note: you can bake on foil if you want to lift them out, but brownies are pretty slippery and generally will come out whole without much drama)
PoF: Should canola oil have a smell?
TPC: Shouldn’t have a strong smell. Can sub mayo or applesauce.
PoF: Same amount?
TPC: Yes. If worried about flavor, add tbsp strong brewed coffee or tsp dry cocoa or vanilla to make choco flavor pop.

So let’s review the tape here. Key takeaways:

1. Don’t panic.

2. Trust your nose.

3. The end product is the key.

PoF doctored a Ghiradelli box mix by subbing in applesauce for the required amount of oil and added 1 Tablespoon of strong brewed coffee. She upped her game by serving with strawberries. Here are the results:

Can these brownies be saved?

Can these brownies be saved? (Yes, but not for long!)



Great job Publish or Famish! The Practical Cook does accept brownies as payment for services rendered.

Tomorrow, How to Make Stock Out of Anything. If you can boil water, you can do this.

Keep those questions coming in: practicalcook at gmail dot com. Twitter: practicalcook


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3 responses to “Can these brownies be saved?

  1. Kelsey

    Nice! I will try the applesauce and brewed coffee today.

    • The Practical Cook

      Nothing better than a healthy, extra chocolatey brownie! (My definition of healthy is broad when it comes to brownies . . .)

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