Weekly Menus: 1/30/11

Time to plan another week. As mentioned before, the Practical Cook tries to shop less and use up pantry staples. Find a way to enjoy what’s on sale at your local stores/in your CSA box/in your freezer–costs less and tastes more delicious.

An upcoming post will detail the method behind the shopping list madness, including the infamous “four-square” method I use to circumnavigate grocery stores of all sizes. The short story is this is one side of my grocery list–the main grocery list is on one side, the menu and extras are on the other. It’s a very valuable piece of paper, and the world trembles if it’s accidentally laundered, forgotten in a pocket.

Here’s the list:

Weekly Menus 1/31/11

Weekly Menus 1/31/11*

*The question marks mean “nice to have, not an emergency,” WF stands for Whole Foods and TJ for Trader Joes.

Here’s what this translates into:

Sunday: Fish (flounder, caught by my Dad), Nip Chips (turnip chips made on a madoline, stay tuned for recipe and results), Green Veg

Monday: Blueberry Pancakes, Fauxsage, Grits, Scrambled Eggs, Beets and Sweets (veggie chips, see above), Fruit

Tuesday: Rustic Butternut Squash Tart with Spinach and Goat Cheese, Fruit

Wednesday: Pasta Bake (this is a fridge cleaning “recipe,” devised to use up bits and pieces)

Thursday: Fridge Surprise (I’m like to have enough leftovers built up to avoid cooking something new, or I’ll pull out a few bits of something I’ve frozen before. Call it smorgasbord and sell it.)

Friday: Cube Steak and Mashed Potatoes, Green Veg

Saturday: Dine Out

So this is the road map, and I’ll keep revising as the week progresses. As you can tell, I’ve got an excess of winter squash and root veggies, and I’m still working on that 1/4 of a cow.

Coming this week, the Practical Cook will address how to avoid the seasoning wars–The Bland and the Beautiful, how to feed the disparate tastebuds in the family.


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