Weekly Menus 1/23/11

One of the most important aspects of surviving in the kitchen is planning your attack. If you find that your grocery bills are too high from too many trips to the store, and you’re wasting food, you need to plan. My method is to sit down on Sunday, evaluate the week, write down meal ideas, and then shop accordingly.

I keep “punt” meals on hand at all times, and will go into suggested items in a future post. I may even break out the Flip cam and punt live, in honor of the Superbowl. Leftovers in small quantities can be packed up for lunch. Lunch is not covered in the listing, but is managed generally in the shopping list.

Here’s the list for this week:

Weekly Menus

Weekly Menus for 1/23/11

Here’s what it translates into:

Sunday: Leftovers
Crockpot Mafe (I will share the recipe for this soon, basically it’s Senegalese Beef Stew), Brown Rice, Sliced Mango

Monday: Rustic Tart (punted that one due to missing ingredients; subbed in breakfast for dinner)
Blueberry Buckwheat Pancakes with Applesauce and Almond Meal, Grits, Scrambled Eggs ( CSA*), Crudite as the Appetizer

Tuesday: Pasta Bake (carb overload on Monday led to restructuring this meal–used the ingredients in a soup/salad combo)
Mushroom Soup with Barley and Sweet Onions, Mixed Lettuces (CSA) topped with Cottage Cheese, Pickled Beets, and Toasted Pecans, Cheesey Toast (homemade bread machine bread)

Wednesday: Mexican (when you’ve got 1/4 of a cow in your freezer, you make a lot of tacos)
Taco Night! with Refried Beans

Thursday: Frozen Pizza and Salad (classic punt meal, for when I’ve got an obligation after work)
Do I really need to explain myself here?

Friday: Fish (I’ll be swapping this out for the Polish Sausage that thawed a bit on its journey home from the CSA pick up)
Smoked Polish Sausage (CSA), Turnip Greens (CSA), Tomatoes (home frozen), and Gnocchi as a one-skillet meal

Saturday: Dine Out

*CSA = Community Supported Agriculture
If you haven’t considered this before, do some research on the resources in your area. You pay up front for a certain amount of food per week, usually veggies, often eggs, sometimes meat and cheese. It forces you to eat locally, in season, and to challenge yourself as a cook. Best of all, fresh ingredients make it easy to spend less time in the kitchen.


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2 responses to “Weekly Menus 1/23/11

  1. I try to do weekly meal planning and completely agree with you that it has cut down on $ and food waste. I do have a CSA so I try to plan once that delivery comes each week.

  2. The Practical Cook

    That’s great to hear that it’s working for you too, Tammy!

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